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Phoenix Gold Ti312D4X - 12 inch 2400W Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil High Excursion Subwoofer

Phoenix Gold Ti312D4X 30cm 1200W RMS High Excursion Subwoofer (2x 4 ohms), 60mm peak deflection

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Phoenix Gold Ti312D4X 30cm 1200W Subwoofer (2x 4 ohms), 60mm peak deflection

The Ti3 subwoofers are the best Phoenix Gold subwoofers ever built. Equipped with high-precision wound 76mm / 3 "The new subwoofers also have the legendary triple LED lighting for the dust cap, which can now be adjusted in color (solder!) Or removed completely if necessary

The connections for the loudspeaker cables have been grouped together on one side of the aluminum die-casting basket in order to increase the flexibility and allow for optically appealing installations. The subwoofers are optimized for both sealed and vented enclosures - for incredibly precise and powerful bass or brute SPL performance. The recommended power rating is 1000-1200W RMS, available as 2x2Ohm or 2x4Ohm.

Overview of performance

RMS 1200W
Performance recommendation 1000W-1200W
Impedance 2 x 4 ohms
maximum deflection 60mm

Phoenix Gold Elite.212D2 / 212D4 - Subwoofer Design

All features at a glance

Best possible power delivery at 1000-1200W RMS

1000- 1200W RMS is the optimal power range for every Ti3 subwoofer. In a closed or bass reflex cabinet, the woofer wants to exploit its full potential and be very durable. Firing on Ti3 Sub with more than 1200W RMS only generates significantly more heat in the drive with the minimal power increase.

Contrary to popular car audio myths, subwoofers do not need much power as you think. A well-engineered subwoofer like the Ti3 that has the proper balance of efficiency, compliance and excursion wants to reach extremely low levels with much less power than most users would expect.

Low-grade, powder-coated die-cast aluminum basket

The very massive die-casting basket not only provides the membrane with space for air movement but also leaves.

60mm max. membrane deflection

For impressive air movement.

A huge 3-fold ferrite magnet system

The drive with 3 ferrite rings, each of which is 20mm high and 19.5cm in diameter, ensures an extreme magnetic flux.

Finest Japanese, ultra-high temperature resistant 76mm (3 ") copper voice coils

76mm (3 ") high-precision wound and ultra-high temperature resistant Japanese voice coil in the vented titanium-aluminum voice coil carrier for even better performance and durability.

Long-throw dual Spider suspension

For precise linear deflection at high volumes.

Extremely rigid composite material

The unique hybrid membrane is made of thick, air-dried paper and sealed by a plastic dustcap.

Double-sewn, highly flexible butyl rubber bead

The very stable and special butyl rubber bead is thus the most linear frequency response.

Triple LED illumination

Optionally mountable, blue triple LED illumination for Show & Shine, including replacement lighting. The LED printed circuit boards are deliberately not glued to the black triangle of the plastic triangle, so the customer can also use other colored LEDs to light up in his subwoofer if required. Most 3mm standard LEDs fit there.

Push terminals

Central arrangement of all push terminals for optically perfect installations, optimal signal transmission thanks to solid nickel-plated push connections and convenient cable connection for direct reception of cables up to 5mm².

Radial pole plate ventilation

Both poles are neatly machined and the whole thing is manufactured. The voice coil is wound on a three-inch beam and blackened for better heat radiation. In addition to the pole core bore, there is a ring of holes to ventilate the cavity underneath the voice coil.

Product Features:

  • Performance recommendation: 1000-1200W
  • RMS: 1200W
  • maximum deflection: 60mm
  • Impendance: Dual 2 ohms

T / S parameters

  • DC resistance (Rdc): 1.95 ohms
  • Resonance frequency: 33.9 Hz
  • Membrane surface (SD): 51cm²
  • B * l: 17 Tm
  • Mechanical quality (Qms): 5.94
  • Electrical quality (Qes): 0.62
  • Overall quality (Qts): 0.56
  • Atomic volume (Vas): 18.9 liters
  • Cms: 51.09 uM / N
  • Moving load (Mms): 353.96g
  • Acoustic pressure (SPL): 90dB


  • diameter: 321mm
  • Mounting diameter: 276mm
  • mounting depth: 190mm
  • weight: 14.3 kg
  • Authorised UK Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

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