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Kicker CK4 46CK4 K-Series 4AWG Amp Kit with 2-Channel Interconnects

Kicker CK4 KA46CK4 - K-Series 4AWG Amp Kit with 2-Channel Interconnects; RoHS Compliant - includes 2-channel patch cable and speaker wire

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This kit delivers all the power and signals your system needs

Your amplifier needs hefty power and ground wiring in order to deliver the big power you want. Kicker's CK4 amp wiring kit includes the power, ground, turn-on, and signal wiring for any amplifier with a fuse rating of up to 100 amperes. This kit is suitable for an amplifier or amp system with a total output of about 650 watts RMS for Class AB amps or about 1000 watts RMS for Class D amps.

Includes patch cable and speaker wire

The CK4 kit includes a 16.4-foot, 2-channel twisted pair patch cable that'll send the signal reliably from the receiver to your amp with minimal noise. Also, Kicker provides 12 feet of 12-gauge speaker wire, enough to take care of a couple of speakers or subs in most installations. Kicker makes all their wires from oxygen-free copper so you can count on maximum power and signal transfer with minimum resistance or interference.

Product Details:

  • 17 ft 4 AWG blue power wire
  • 4 ft 4 AWG gray ground wire
  • Self-tapping bolt and washer
  • FHS fuse holder with 100 amp fuse L=3.06", W=1.33", H=1.32"
  • 7 ft 16 gauge remote wire
  • 16.4 ft KI RCAs
  • 12 ft Q series 12 AWG speaker wire
  • 4 AGW firewall grommet
  • 1x 18-22 AWG butt connector
  • 4x 12 AWG fork terminals
  • 2x blue fork terminal boots
  • 2x black fork terminal boots
  • Authorised Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Product History:

Kicker 4 Gauge Amp Kit (CK4)
(previous model, replaced by Kicker 46CK4 (CK4))
Kicker ZCK4 (09ZCK4)
(previous model, replaced by Kicker 4 Gauge Amp Kit (CK4))
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