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Ford Fiesta 2008-2012 Double / Single Din Fascia / Steering / Antenna Fitting Kit

Connects2 - Ford Fiesta 2008 - 2012 Double / Single Din Fascia / Steering / Antenna Fitting Kit

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Ford Double Din Stereo Replacement Kit allows fitment of a Double-DIN aftermarket headunit to the selected vehicle. 

Fitting Kit Includes

  • Fascia Plate Frame & Pocket (Black)
  • Steering Wheel Interface Adaptor
  • Hazard / Door Lock Switch
  • Aerial Adaptor
  • Stereo Patch Lead (Free CTMULTILEAD.2 Included)

Compatibility Chart

Ford Fiesta 2008 - 2012

This kit is suitable for Fiesta from 2008 - 2012 with RED DISPLAY ONLY.

Some have a combination of 'OK' Button on the steering wheel or 'M' Button.

These are varied so this kit comes with 2 wiring styles, and 2 control boxes.

You will need to use the wiring required for your particular vehicle from the kit and trial both control boxes supplied to find which works with your vehicle

Fascia Adaptor

This adaptor will convert the non din-sized aperture left after removing the factory stereo to a din size ready for head unit installation. The high quality finish, colour and texture are designed specifically to maintain the original look of your vehicles interior.

Aerial Adaptor

An Aerial Adaptor is needed when replacing the original factory fitted head unit with an aftermarket head unit.  

Steering Wheel Interface

A stalk/steering wheel control adaptor allows you to upgrade to an aftermarket head unit whilst maintaining use of your factory steering wheel controls or fitted on a stalk next to the steering wheel.  

CTMULTILEAD.2 Universal Patch Lead

Patch Lead connects a compatible car stereo with a joystick input (blue line-in mini-jack) or wire input on the back of the unit to the existing stalk/steering wheel controls of the vehicle.


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Price £349.99
Manufacturer Connects 2
Vehicle Manufacturer Ford
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