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Fiat Ducato X290 2015 onwards Double Din Fascia / Steering / Info Adapter / Antenna Fitting Kit

Connects2 - Fiat Ducato X290 2015 onwards - 2020 Double Din Stereo Fascia / Steering / Antenna Fitting Kit

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Car Audio Stereo Installation kit for installing a new aftermarket Single Din headunit into your Fiat. This is a complete kit including Fascia Trim Panel, Steering Control Interface for Volume Controls on Steering Wheel, Aerial Adaptor and stereo removal keys.

Compatible with the following vehicles:

Car Make / Model Year Remarks
Fiat Ducato X290  2015 onwards

For Fiat Ducato X290 when replacing the original Uconnect System.
Fiat Infodapter. Allows Access To Clock And Vehicle Settings From Aftermarket Head Unit **will not allow retention of OE windscreen camera**  See pic 2

Not Suitable for vehicles with older ISO Connection Plug type.  

Uconnect Stereo Type: Not Suitable for older ISO Connection Plug type.

Package Includes

  • Double Din Fascia Adaptor (Gloss Black)
  • Infodapter
  • Aerial Adaptors
  • Stereo Removal Keys
  • Stereo Patch Lead (Free CTMULTILEAD.2 Included)

Fascia Adaptor

This adaptor will convert the non-din-sized aperture left after removing the factory stereo to a single din size ready for head unit installation. The high-quality finish, colour and texture are designed specifically to maintain the original look of your vehicle's interior.

Aerial Adaptor

An Aerial Adaptor is needed when replacing the original factory fitted head unit with an aftermarket head unit.  

Stereo Removal Keys

Stereo Removal Keys to remove headunit from the fascia cage. Many OEM manufacturers are incorporating special locking mechanisms into their head units in an attempt to prevent stereo theft. This means that to remove one of these units you will require a manufacturer-specific stereo removal key to prevent damage to the head unit or the surrounding fascia and cage.

CTMULTILEAD.2 Universal Patch Lead

Patch Lead connects a compatible car stereo with a joystick input (blue line-in mini-jack) or wire input on the back of the unit to the existing stalk/steering wheel controls of the vehicle.

Compatible Aftermarket Headunits

  • Alpine (3.5mm jack)
  • Beat (single wire connection)
  • Chinese / Xtrons / 3 wire unbranded units (3 wire connection)
  • Clarion (3.5mm jack)
  • JVC (3.5mm or single wire)
  • Kenwood (single wire)
  • LG (3.5mm jack)
  • Nakamichi (single wire connection)
  • Panasonic  (single wire but NOT AV units)
  • Philips (single wire connection)
  • Pioneer (3.5mm jack)
  • Sony (3.5mm jack)
  • Zenec  (single wire)
  • Other Chinese SWC learning head units

Important Patch Lead Notes

  • You can simply cut the loops / wires to select which brand you are fitting. Supplied with instruction sheet
  • This patch lead CANNOT be used for Blaupunkt / Parrot / Becker / JVC KW-AVX head units / Older Kenwood units with the DIN plug. For those models you need to purchase the lead from the add-on options.

Important Fascia Notes

  • The fascias are made to suit industry standard sized stereos such as Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, Alpine, JVC etc, NOT INCLUDING China units or unbranded units. 
  • China units have a reputation to be over sized and may require modification to the fascia to allow it to fit.
  • We do not take any responsibility for China units not fitting as they are not industry standard size.
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Price £179.99
Manufacturer Connects 2
Vehicle Manufacturer Fiat
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