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Elipson Infinite A1000 Subwoofer Amplifier for Infinite S12

The Infinite A1000 power amplifier is a Class D model using a DSP capable of handling large amounts of data simultaneously. The Infinite A1000 is designed to power one or more Infinite S12 subwoofers.


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Infinite A1000
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The S12 subwoofer is part of the Infinite Series and is fitted with a state-of-the-art amplifier specially designed by Elipson for the restitution of low frequencies. Developed to ensure high-quality sound restitution, the S12 will captivate the most demanding listeners. This versatile subwoofer feels right at home in any type of custom installation. Its powerful and precise delivery provides excellent foundations to the Infinite system and guarantees no-holds-barred impact in the lows.

Product Features:

Amplifiction Specifications:

  • Rated output power: 1000W RMS <1% THD (4 Ohms)
  • THD at 1000W (4 Ohms): 0,07%
  • THD at 1W (4 Ohms): 0,08%
  • Frequency response SUB mode: 10-204 Hz (adjustable subsonic and crossover), LFE mode: 10Hz - 2 kHz (adjustable)
  • S/N ratio: 100dB SUB / 90dB LFE
  • Output noise: 1,5mV SUB / 2mV LFE
  • Input sensitivity (for 1000W out): RCA in : 220mV, XLR in : 220mV
  • High-level input: 2,6V
  • Line output: 200mV (gain of about 0dB)
  • Auto-on sensitivity: 3,2mV
  • Automatic shutdown time: adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes, 5 minutes increments
  • 12V trigger: 6V DC at 2mA minimum required to trigger
  • Standby power: <0,5W

DSP Specifications:

  • Volume: Adjustable, -60dB to +10dB
  • Subsonic filter: Adjustable, 24dB per octave, 20.3 to 40.5 Hz
  • Crossover frequency: Adjustable, 39.4 to 204 Hz
  • Crossover slope: Adjustable, 12dB-48dB per octave, 6dB increments
  • User EQ: 9 independent third frequencies (19.7 Hz - 125 Hz) with a -6dB/+3dB range
  • DSP presets: 7 EQ presets set in the factory (depends on the application)
  • Phase: Adjustable from 0 to 315°, 45° increments
  • Mode: SUB (crossover) or LFE
  • Display mode: Enabled or disabled after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Dimensions (w/o feet & brackets): W425,5 x H89 x D368,5 mm
  • Dimensions (w/ feet & brackets): W483 x H101,5 x D368,5
  • Weight
  • Packaging (unit)
  • Dimensions
  • Weight: 12,5 kg
  • Packaging (unit): Brown carboard
  • Dimensions with packaging: W458 x H195 x D535 mm
  • Weight with packaging: 14,7 kg
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Manufacturer Elipson
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