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Caliber CAM701 Wireless Digital Rear Camera System with 7-Inch TFT Monitor

Caliber CALCAM701 Wireless Digital Rear Camera System with 7-Inch TFT Monitor - Wireless reverse video camera kit 12V & 24V

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The Caliber CAM701 is a wireless rear view camera system that makes parking a lot easier. You can also see what happens behind the car when you drive out of a parking space in reverse.

Thanks to the IP66 certification, the camera is resistant to water and dust. The camera is wirelessly connected to the 7-inch display. This way you don’t have to get any wiring through your car and the set is easy to install. The connection works on a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz and has a range of 50 meters.

The display has a split-screen mode for a second camera. Useful if you want to see more of the traffic. install place the camera with the supplied double-sided tape or with screws (if possible) on the back of your car, camper, truck or trailer.

You power the camera by connecting it to your rear light or reversing light. The 7-inch screen easily connects to the cigarette charger or other 12 to 24-volt connection in your car.

Place the monitor in the supplied arm, which you can easily place on your windscreen with a suction cup. The arm is adjustable, so you always have a good view of the screen.

Certifications Caliber products are always equipped with the required certifications and meet the EU requirements for electrical products. The use of non-certified electrical products can cause danger/injury to the user and/or his / her environment. Use of non-certified products can lead to exclusion from coverage and/or payment of your insurance. Pay attention to this when purchasing a product.

Product Features:

  • For campers, converted vans, utility vehicles, cars.
  • Digital wireless rear camera with7" TFT screen and a camera.
  • No wired connection between the camera and the screen necessary.
  • The camera transmits the video signal to the screen. It is designed for
  • outside use and equipped with a UV LED light for nighttime use.
  • Possible to connect up to 2 cameras.

Screen features:

  • 7" TFT colour screen
  • 2 camera view display possible (when 2 cameras are connected).
  • Resolution : 800x480.
  • 170-degree viewing angle.
  • Voltage : 12 - 24V (connects to cigarette lighter).
  • Wirelessreceiver (2.4Ghz).
  • Adjustable screen support and detachable screen cover.
  • Attachment straps (for mounting on the visor).
  • Sold with a single camera.
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