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BMW G30 5 series BuRock & Academy Tweeter Pods DG-30

BuRock & Academy TAC-DG-30 - Tweeter Pods for BMW G30 (5 series 2016 - 2020) Vehicles

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The Audio Car produces 2 great BMW speaker upgrade solutions: the entry-level BuRock line and the premium Academy speaker range. Within each of these ranges is high-quality component set consisting of a 4" midrange woofer and 1" tweeter. If you have a factory component system then each speaker will fit neatly into the same factory location.

However, should you wish to swap from a factory coaxial setup to components you will run into trouble. The mid-range speaker will install in the normal location, but the tweeters will not have anywhere in the pillar to mount.

Fortunately, The Audio Car have you covered! Their pillar adaptors are designed to match the original car interior and provide a factory-looking recess to fit the now separate tweeter.

These adaptors are designed specifically for

  • BMW G30 models (5 series 2016 - 2020).
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Price £79.99
Manufacturer BuRock
Vehicle Manufacturer BMW
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