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Blaupunkt ICX663 - 3-way Coaxial 165mm (6.5″) 125w speakers

Blaupunkt ICX 663 - 165mm (6.5″) 250W 3-way coaxial flush mount car speaker system

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ICX 663
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Blaupunkt ICx 663 3-way speaker system made from high-quality materials. It provides reproduction of the frequency range, which is not distorted even at a sufficiently high volume level. The system is designed for installation in regular places of the car. When placing the speakers in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, it is necessary to take into account the installation depth parameters — 53 mm.

The main type of speaker system

A feature of the 3-way coaxial speaker system is that one speaker reproduces low and medium-frequency sounds and the other — high-frequency sounds.

Power level

The maximum power level is 250 watts, and the nominal one is 35 watts.

Speaker size

A round basket with a size of 165 mm (16.5 cm) is made of steel, resistant to resonances. The size of the speakers allows you to use them in the seats of most cars.

Sensitivity characteristic

The sensitivity level is 91 dB, which allows not to operate the internal sound amplifier in transcendental modes. The higher the sensitivity parameters, the less the loads on the amplifier, and the more sound pressure the speaker will be provided at the same power.

High-quality materials

The speaker cone is made of polypropylene, which provides a deep bass sound. The speaker system is resistant to environmental influences, lightweight has good indicators of mechanical strength and internal attenuation. The voice coil is aluminum. The magnet is made of ferrite.

Resistance level

The design of the mechanism includes a voice coil with a nominal resistance level of 4 ohms, this technical indicator must be taken into account when coordinating the operation of the amplifier and the loads of the speaker.

Appearance Features

The unique new design of the Blaupunkt ICx 663 speaker system will impress many car owners just as much as their sound. The highest technical quality guarantees maximum reliability and durability.

Product Features:

Highlights & Details

  • 35 W RMS
  • Injected PPmembrane with foam seam
  • Tweeter with neodymium drive
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  • Kapton voice coil
  • Magnet with EXP design for lower distortion
  • Also suitable for ceiling installation.


  • 2 Loudspeakers
  • 2 design covers
  • 2 cables
  • Fasteners
  • User manual.
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