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Blaupunkt Hamburg SQM 23 DAB Multicolour Cult Car Radio DAB+ Bluetooth Flac Dual-USB 4 x 50W

Blaupunkt - Over the years, certain models have evolved into genuine cult objects. This is true for the iconic Blaupunkt “Hamburg SQM 23” from 1983. We now introduce a fresh interpretation of the popular 1-DIN car radio, blending the design of the 80s model with contemporary technologies and features. The outcome is the Blaupunkt “Hamburg SQM 23 DAB”




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Hamburg SQM 23
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The Blaupunkt “Hamburg SQM 23 DAB” car radio masterfully blends the classic 80s design with advanced technology, offering a nostalgic yet modern driving experience. Its intuitive controls, crystal-clear reception, and energy-efficient LED lighting system are designed to sync with the vehicle’s lighting. This model stands out with its multicolour LCD display, which can be set in seven different colours to match the vehicle’s cockpit lighting. Additionally, it includes a discreetly placed USB port behind the front flap, allowing short USB sticks to be connected while maintaining the radio’s original appearance.

Equipped with Blaupunkt Codem FM RDS and DAB+ digital tuners, it ensures exceptional reception. It supports multimedia interfaces for Apple® devices, USB media, and Bluetooth® audio streaming. Hands-free calling and compatibility with voice assistants like Siri and Google add to its user-friendly nature. The device also features a programmable button for quick access to favourite audio sources and retains settings even when the battery is disconnected, thanks to its minimal standby power consumption.

Designed with a short installation depth, the “Hamburg SQM 23 DAB” is ideal for classic cars. The device comes in nostalgically styled packaging, enhancing its appeal to car enthusiasts. This car radio is more than just a functional device; it’s an homage to the past, integrated with the conveniences of the present.

Product Features:


Tuner Type: High-End Automotive Tuner Blaupunkt CODEM IV

World Tuner (switchable): EU, USA, South America, Thailand

Frequency bands: FM, AM, DAB, DAB+
Frequency band FM: 87.5 – 108 MHz
Frequency band MW: 531- 1602/ 530- 1710 kHz
Channels (frequency band) DAB/ DAB+: 5A- 13F (174,928- 239,200 MHz)

Station memory: 15x FM, 10x AM, 15x DAB
Station memory banks: FM1, FM2, FMT, AM, AMT, DAB1, DAB2, DAB3
Station memory levels deactivatable: FM2, FMT, AM, AMT, DAB2, DAB3

Station display (PS): Yes
Radiotext/ Radiotext Plus (RT/ RT+): Yes/ No
Display DLS/ ENSEMBLE/ SERVICE: Yes/ Yes/ Yes
Alternate frequency function (AF): Yes
Traffic Radio (TA) FM/ DAB: Yes/ Yes
Automatic time adjustment: Yes
Enhanced Other Networks (EON): Yes
Regional function (REG): Yes
Program type identifier (PTY)/ PTY Seek: Yes/No

Travelstore/ Number of Presets for Travelstore: Yes/ 5x FMT, 5x AMT
Band Scan/ Preset Scan: Yes/ No

Sensitivity (FM): Two levels (lo / dx)
Noise suppression (FM): Yes
Hi-Cut (FM): Yes (multi-level switchable)

DAB-DAB Service following: Yes
DAB-FM Service following: Yes
Service search: Yes
Ensemble/ Service selection: Yes/ Yes
Ensemble/ Service browsing: No/ Yes
Alphabetical Service list DAB: Yes

Frequency response FM  (Hz) – 3 dB: 30 – 15.000
Frequency response DAB (Hz) +/- 3 dB: 20 – 20.000


AUX-IN/ automatic detection/ activation: No
USB front: yes (type A, recessed jack)
USB rear: yes (type A, cable)
Memory card reader: No
Concealed front inputs: Yes (USB usable with flap closed)
Compatible file system of external storage devices: FAT16, FAT32, exFAT
Maximum storage size of external storage devices: > 128 GB
Maximum file/folder count of external storage devices: > 30.000
CD-/DVD-loader: No

Playback formats: MP2, MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, AAC, MP4, WAV
Hi-Res Audio playback: No
Display options: ID3V2 (title, artist, album), folder, file, playtime

Folder & file browsing: Yes

iPod, iPhone control (iAP2, Lightning/ USB-C)   Yes (USB front and rear)

Shuffle playback folder/ media: Yes/ Yes
Repeat Title/ Folder/ All: Yes/ Yes/ Yes
Introscan: Yes (4- 60 seconds adjustable)


Phone call: Yes
Internal microphone: Yes
Connectivity ext. microphone: Yes
Answer/ reject call: Yes/ Yes
Access phonebook: Yes (max. 1000 numbers)

Audio streaming: Yes
Audio streaming ID3 track display: Yes (Title, Artist, Album, Playtime)

Voice assistant access (e.g. Siri, Google, Alexa): Yes

Cell phone navigation audio mix: No

Auto wake-up on call: Yes (when radio off + ignition on), deactivatable

Fast pairing without PIN: Yes
Automatic reconnection: Yes, last 5 devices

Bluetooth version: 5.0, compatible with V4.2 and V2.1 +EDR
Number of paired devices: last 5
No. of devices connected at the same time: 1
Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, SPP
Audio Codecs: AAC, SBC

*Availability/ support of functions depends on the phone/ app used!


Equalizer Number of bands/ design/ Q-filter: No
Bass/ treble adjustment: Yes/yes (+/- 7 steps)
Source-specific bass/ treble adjustment: Yes
Balance/ fader: Yes/yes (+/- 7 steps)
Loudness: Yes
Sound Presets: Yes (Rock, Pop, Classic)

Speaker Outputs (Channels): 4
Preamp Outputs (Channels, Voltage): 4 (RCA, < 2V)
Sub-Out: 2 (RCA, gain/ frequency variable)
Max. Power: 4 x 50 watts
Sine power at 14.4 V: 4 x 24 watts (according to DIN 45324)


Display: LCD, negative, anti-reflective, wide angle, alphanumeric/ symbols
Scrolling text: Yes (once, repeatedly)
Illumination color display: Green, yellow, red, violet, blue, skyblue, white
Illumination color keys: Amber, Modelled on the original light bulb lighting
Day/ Night mode: Yes (manual/ via dimmer connection)
Nightdesign if powerd off: Yes (buttons)
Brightness: Multi-level, variable
Time display: Yes
HMI languages: English, German
1 hour off timer if ACC off: Yes, deactivatable
Low standby current: Yes (< 3,5 mA )

Antenna inputs: FM DIN/ ISO (Adaptor), DAB SMB (with 12 V phantom power)
Telephone mute: Yes
Ext. handsfree microphone connector: Yes, 2,5mm
Remote control: Yes (IR input for card remote and old RC-10 remote control)
Steering wheel remote control (SWC): Yes (analog, programmable, pre-programmed)

Variable scan time: Yes (4, 8, 12, 60s)
Confirmation beep: Yes (deactivatable)
Control panel type: Fixed panel
Color panel/ decor ring: Black/ Black

Software Update: via USB
Permanent Memory: Yes (Settings & Presets)
Demo mode: Yes
Weight: approx. 0.65 kg
Dimensions: 50mm x 178mm x 116mm (H x W x D, housing only), 58mm x 187mm x 11mm (H x B x T , front w/o keys)
Operating voltage/ power consumption: 10.5 – 14.4 V/ < 10A in operation, 10 sec. after ACC power off: < 3.5 mA


User manual: Yes (DE, EN, DA, NL, FR, ES, PT, IT, PL, CS)
External BT microphone: Yes
Unlocking tool: Yes
Connectors (ISO A, B): Yes
Antenna adaptor (DIN/ ISO): Yes

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