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Phoenix Gold Ti365CS Elite. 6.5″ 17cm 2 Way Component Speaker System 300w

Phoenix Gold Ti3 65CS Elite Series - 300 Watts 17cm 6.5" Component Car Speaker System
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Phoenix Gold TI365CS 16,5cm Component Speaker Set

The Phoenix Gold TI365CSX Component Speaker Set has a 25mm silk dome tweeter in a black aluminium housing. This housing is CNC machined from a solid aluminium block. The 165mm mid-bass has a double-M diaphragm that eliminates unwanted resonance and acoustic artifacts and absorbs mechanical vibrations. The component system has been optimized by means of complex computer analysis to ensure the best possible drive. Though developing a great tweeter and mid-bass is not yet a guarantee for excellent music reproduction.

The passive crossover of the TI3 composite system was modeled on a computer and then optimized in countless practical tests until a seamless transition from the tweeter to the mid-bass was found. As a result, the TI365CSX offers a breathtaking dynamic range and incredible musicality. It convinces with its tonal linearity, excellent detail reproduction and impressive three-dimensionality.

Overview of performance

RMS 150W
MAX 300W
Impedance 4 Ohm

Sound tuning

Tweeter HighPass 3.5kHz (24dB)
Midrange LowPass 2.95kHz (12dB)

Phoenix Gold Elite.65CS - Komponenten-Lautsprechersystem-Komponenten

All features at a glance


Ferrofluide-cooled 25mm silk-dome tweeter in CNC-manufactured aluminium housing.


Powder-coated die-cast aluminium basket for linear stroke and optimum flow characteristics.

Double-M rubber bead

An elaborate Double-M rubber bead for perfect diaphragm control of the bass/midrange driver.

Polypropylen membrane

Damped, low-resonance polypropylene membrane with Dustcap in phase plug form for optimized frequency response.

Push terminals

Terminal with solid nickel-plated push terminals, for the direct mounting of cables up to 5mm².

High quality equipped crossover

- Tweeter HighPass: 3.5kHz (24dB)
- Midrange LowPass: 2.95kHz (12dB)

The crossover is very complex, there are no fewer than 15 components on the circuit board, and the tweeter is the one that takes up most of the space. With 3-stage tweeter level adjustment and 2-stage tweeter protection activation as well as switchable midrange lowering and screw terminals up to 5mm².

2-stage high tone protection activation

The majority of the loudspeaker component systems available on the market offer the simple protection of a single-stage "tweeter cut-off". However, the TI3 series supports a 2-stage protection circuit (PTC and incandescent lamp) which does not switch off the tweeter in case of overload, but continues to run via a resistor and the bulb, so that the music plays without interruption, but with a protected tweeter. Likewise, the TI3 circuitry constantly monitors the signal without actually passing the signal through these components. Most other two-stage or complex tweeter protection circuits require the signal directly in the components, but this can affect the music performance.

3-stage tweeter level adjustment

Allows you to adjust the output level of the tweeter as follows: -2dB, 0dB and +2dB.

Switchable center lowering

When activated, the kick bass range is emphasized and the midrange is lowered. This setting is ideal for chart music and most MP3 material. When deactivated, the frequency response is absolutely linear - perfectly dynamic audiophile recordings of classical music, e. g. For most systems we recommend to have the tweeter on 0db or +2dB and to activate the midrange reduction. However, the settings can vary depending on your hearing sensation - here it is important to find the best possible setting for your personal taste.

The perfect upgrade for your OEM-speaker system

The TI365CSX Compo system is ideally suited as a sound upgrade of the factory loudspeakers behind the front and rear door panel thanks to its removable protective grille and shallow installation depth.

Product Features:

  • 25mm Silk Dome Tweeter
  • Fully Machined Aluminum Tweeter Housing
  • Dampened Polypropylene Cone
  • Smooth Termination Dual Roll Rubber Surround
  • Powder Coated Diecast Aluminum Basket
  • Custom Tooled Crossover Housing with Direct Insert Wiring Connections
  • 24dB External Audiophile Crossover with Tweeter Level Adjustment
  • Two-Stage Light Bulb Tweeter Protection Circuitry
  • Integrated Phase Plug
  • Interwoven Tinsel Leads
  • High-Temperature CAE/CAD Motor Structure
  • 6.5 Inch OR 165 mm
  • 150w RMS - 300w Peak Power Handling
  • 4 Ω Impedance
  • 50Hz to 20kHz Frequency Response
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