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Mordaunt Short M20 Bookshelf Speakers in Black

Mordaunt Short M20 - Bookshelf Speakers Black

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As you'd expect, Mordaunt Short hasn't compromised on the quality of its drive units. Starting at the top, the soft dome tweeter gives a far smoother and more refined sound than the inferior hard dome type. Mordaunt Short has also cleverly cut out the bottom section of its mount, allowing its axis point to be closer to that of the woofer. What this means is a more focused and consistent sound as the sound radiating from both drive units is closer to a single point. The woofer unit uses a long throw, lightweight bass cone giving a tuneful and surprisingly powerful bass response. A neat touch with both drive units is the absence of visible fixings. This not only provides clean, good looks but also enhances the sound imaging as smooth surfaces enhance staging precision.

With its front-mounted bass port, the M20 offers enhanced efficiency and improved bass response. Adding a bass port to a speaker usually raises the sensitivity, placing less of a demand on the amplifier. Bass response, especially at lower volumes, is also noticeably improved. This makes the M20 a more dynamic speaker with deeper bass than its smaller brother, the M10. Like the M10, the M20 has a cabinet constructed of heavy duty MDF. Rather than the inferior grades of chipboard more usually deployed on budget speakers, the M20's cabinet has the rigidity and solid feel that you'd usually only get from a more expensive design. This rigidity actually helps the sound quality as it ensures the cabinet doesn't distort and bring unnatural colouration to the sound. Compact dimensions and a neutral charcoal finish help the M20 blend in to its surroundings.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions290 x 165 x 218
  • Impedance (ohms) 8
  • Power Rating (Watts) 80w
  • Weight 3.1Kg
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Price £129.99
Manufacturer Mordaunt Short
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