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Honda CR-V 4th Gen 2012 - 2017 with Nav and Amplifier / Single or Double Din Fitting Kit

Connects2 - Honda CR-V 4th Gen 2012 - 2017 with Nav and Amplifier / Single or Double Din Fitting Kit

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Car Audio Stereo Installation kit for installing a new aftermarket Double Din headunit into your Honda. This is a complete kit including Fascia Trim Panel, Steering Control Interface Adaptor and Aerial Adaptor.

Package Includes

  • Single / Double Din Fascia Panel
  • Original NAV Radio Replacement and Amplifier Interface
  • Aerial Adaptor
  • Stereo Patch Lead (Free CTMULTILEAD.2 Included)

Compatible with the following vehicles:

Honda CR-V 2012 - 2017 4th Gen

On vehicles with the original 7-inch touchscreen , once the factory head unit has been removed you will no longer be able to set the clock or date on the factory display as this is derived from the factory head unit. The date on the screen can be permanently removed by disconnecting the battery to clear the screen’s memory. In order to set the clock you will need to disconnect the vehicle's battery at 1:00am as this is the time the screen defaults to once it has been reset.

  • Retains steering wheel controls (pre-programmed)
  • Data controlled accessory and navigation outputs
  • Retains factory amplifier
  • Retains ability to set factory clock on most models except 7" screen

Fascia Adaptor

This adaptor will convert the non-din-sized aperture left after removing the factory stereo to a double din size ready for head unit installation. The high-quality finish, colour and texture are designed specifically to maintain the original look of the interior of your vehicle.

Aerial Adaptor

An Aerial Adaptor is needed when replacing the original factory fitted head unit with an aftermarket head unit.

Suits cars with and without original navigation BUT  HARD WIRE CONNECTION is needed on CRV cars with navigation .(NOT DIY PLUG AND PLAY)

Honda Civic & CR-V all in one radio replacement and SWC interface for amplified cars.
Includes steering wheel commands, ignition supply, speed pulse, illumination, reverse trigger, parking signal.

Maintains the use of the original amplifier. Keeps the ability to set the factory clock except on cars with 7inch screen. see details in full description.

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Price £229.99
Manufacturer Connects 2
Vehicle Manufacturer Honda
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